Sunday, November 13, 2005

Counter-Strike Wins

Date: Somewhere between July to December, 2005
Time: 1.30 AM
Venue: de_dust2 (in CS world)
Hostel A, TIET, Patiala (in the real world)

“Ok, let’s go”. Buy the AKs and the grenades. Guys, on to bomb site B. “Cover me”. Throw the HE into the hallway. “Fire in the hole!”. No one there. On to B. The flashbang. Any CT hiding behind the crates? No. Ok plant the bomb. Ti.. Ti.. Ti.. “The Bomb has been planted”. (Meanwhile, a lone terrorist heading on to A is killed by a counter-terrorist’s M4A.) Get into position. A T behind the bomb. A T behind the crates looking downhill. A sniper with his Magnum aimed down the hallway. A confused T in the middle looking every way. “Enemy spotted.” The T looking down the hill kills a CT. The sniper frags another two in the hallway. The third CT from the hallway takes down the sniper and the confused T. The T behind the crates takes him down. The last CT coming uphill kills the T behind the crates. And the T behind the bomb fills him with shotgun spray head to toe. “Terrorists win”.

Sometime later…

Take them before they reach A. The sniper’s at one end of the long corridor beside A. Two other CTs take positions to defend site A. The last two rush to the hallway near T spawn leading to the A corridor. “Go Go Go”. Two CTs take on three Ts. Unlike Sholay, this time the three overpower the two. But only one T remains. The fool heads towards the corridor and becomes a spectator, thanks to a sniper’s bullet. The other two reach A from the other side. There’s a CT waiting for them. Fall back. “Fire in the hole!”. A flashbang and an HE. A CT is blinded, a T is injured. The Ts take down the blind CT. But they don’t know that two other CTs are waiting for them. One of them falls to a Magnum. The other to a Bullpup. All the Ts are dead. “Counter-terrorists win”.

But of course Counter-Strike is not just about terrorists or counter-terrorists. There’s a lot more that goes on than just “Terrorists win” or “Counter-terrorists win”:
Time: 2.00 AM
The CTs have just finished off all the Ts, but the bomb’s stil there. The two remaining CTs rush to the bomb. None of them has the defusal kit. Time is running out. It was Ti…….. Ti…….. Ti…….. when they reached the bomb site. Now that they have finished off the terrorists, its Ti.. Ti.. Ti.. As he defuses the bomb it becomes TiTiTiTiTiTi…. Will he won’t he? The question’s on everybody’s mind. Its gonna be tight, very tight. The defuser’s sweating - its almost complete - don’t blow. The dead Ts are sweating - its almost over - blow up - don’t let him. Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen, ‘cause the bomb has…..
“…………….....….s win”

How does CS manage this? How is it that virtual fights lead to real fights? I’ve been playing games since I was maybe five, but never have I seen a game affecting people’s lives like CS does. I am a voracious(but a little bit less now) CS player myself, and I acknowledge its real good. Unlike most games, it actually gets better as you keep on playing it, but really, how come we allow it to get so far? Maybe it’s just that team games build up emotions much faster and stronger than single-player games. Or maybe the realism of CS seeps into our reality. Whatever it is, many of us are falling victims to its addiction. The end-sems are coming near, and of course there’s very little studying in BE, but lets see how many exams CS manages to destroy…

Time: 2.10 AM
The game is over. The score line reads Terrorists 19, Counter-terrorists 13. But you know what? Counter-Strike wins.

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