Tuesday, November 15, 2005

IIPM vs JAM & Bloggers

Am a little late on this one(probably 'cause I got no interest in MBA, and joined blogosphere only 2 weeks back), but since it involves Indian bloggers and freedom of speech, not to mention that some of my friends are preparing for CAT, I'll post a few links where you can read about the whole IIPM flap i.e. if you haven't already done so.
You can find out much more on Desipundit's and Arun Varma's updates on the controversy. Chances are, you already know the whole thing, but still, am trying to do my bit as a brand new member of the Indian blogging community.

Update - Just saw IIPM on Wikipedia. Nice read, and quite informative. Also, wiki page on Arindam Chaudhuri, current dean at IIPM. (Update 2 Dec, 05: Wikipedia being a free encyclopedia can be edited by anyone; its IIPM article has recently been vandalized by pro-IIPM editors, so please don't rely on wiki alone, see other links too)

I read your previous comment and update on IIPM and also the link to the wikipedia article. Wikipedia, being a free encyclopedia which any one can edit, has been a target of lot of vandalism from pro-IIPM editors. They use extremely sleazy language too. See for youself.
thanx prasanth for pointing this out. yes, the page was vandalized and i've written a note about this in the post. now, though, it has been reverted. but still, whatever happens, wiki is a way too good resource to miss out on.
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