Sunday, December 25, 2005

Its Holy Days Time!!

Another sem goes by, just another one remains. For now, its time out.

Its been a month since I last posted here, thanks to the end sem exams. Now that they are over, I am back. Actually, I would have posted yesterday itself but a power cut for most of the day didn't let me. After literally the free-est semester for all us EC students, now I think its time do get down to some real work. There are things that I have wanted to do for a long time, but as my friends will tell you, I am a terrible procrastinator. Now with just six months to go before college ends, I have to decide where I am going(careerwise).

I am a bit averse to getting a job, so I am not really looking forward to joining the company I am placed in. MBA was never an option. I can go along with higher studies abroad, but what I really want to do is start something on my own, i.e. my own business or something like that. Now, the problem is that right now, I really don't have much of an idea about it(apart from the fact that it will be related to programmnig). But there are a few things I have thought about, and I'll give them a hard try this sem. If I can get somewhere that would be great. Otherwise its the job(atleast for a year), which sucks. Anyway, I've written all this so that my friends can remind me if(or rather when) I become lazy and distracted.

Now, a couple of interesting reads. One is Paul Graham's How to Make Wealth. I highly recommend Paul Graham's articles to everyone. You may not always agree with all he says, but they do provide you a good insight into whatever he writes about. And this last article is amazing. If nothing else, read atleast this one. Its like a five months course of entrepreneurship plus a major portion of economics compressed into a single essay. On top of that its quite persuasive, and very capable of changing your opinion or perspective on the economy and business models.

Another interesting one is Richard Hamming's You and Your Research (remember Hamming code and Hamming window, EC mates?). Actually, I came across this too from PG's site. Its quite long and I am still reading it. But its very interesting and very inspiring. A must read for anyone ambitious out there.

And there are a few more things I have been thinking about, which I will discuss in the days to come. For now, enjoy your holidays, Merry Xmas, a Happy New Year, and keep coming back. And for TIET bloggers, come on, blog, people, blog.

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