Thursday, March 23, 2006

A New Home

Finally, I got around to buying my own domain name last week - I wanted to do it for the past several months... but laziness always got the better of me. Not this time, though. A cousin of mine who wanted to build a greeting site (and buy his own domain for that) finally prompted me to get one for myself. Also, the week long holiday really helped.

This means that this blog has a new home -

Great, its all under my control now...

Pretty interesting to read this since I organized the Sat in 2k!
That's pretty awesome. I could never organize an event on that scale. Good for you.

Btw, think you posted this comment for the wrong article ;).
hey chaitanya...
rahul here....
hey how much u paid for this domain thing yaar....even am plannin to go for it....
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