Saturday, September 20, 2008


That's my running number for the Mumbai Marathon 2009, to be held on January 18th. I will be participating in the half-marathon.

Now, what? I hear you say. Half-marathon???


In the first week of July this year, desperate to get into shape, and running out of ideas on how to get there, I had this strange thought of maybe running the half-marathon in Mumbai. There was enough time, and practicing for a 21 kilometer race would definitely result in a good bit of kilogram shedding.

So I decided to check up a bit more about the event, and what was the very first thing that I discovered?

Online registrations opened the very next day!

Now that was something, and being a generally impulsive person, I decided to go for it.

Not much practicing has happened since then (rather a good bit of flab accumulation has been taking place). But I got my confirmation mail today (alongwith the running number), so I am all fired up all over again. This is my most ambitious shot at good health and fitness till date. Hopefully, I will be upto the challenge when the day comes.

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