Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have been trying to make a train reservation online for the last three hours. Couldn't. Just couldn't.

Here's the problem: half the time, IRCTC doesn't work. During the other half, ICICI gives me a "Your session has expired" message after entering a gazillion different passwords and grid numbers.

And the cycle repeats itself. I can't even go back to the train search results and book from there. I have to enter fill the damn search form again, and again, and again.

Hopefully, the future will be bright someday...

Update: Found the solution to ICICI's "Your session has expired message" problem. If you are using Firefox, restart your browser and try again. It should work fine now. Don't know if it works that way with other browsers, though. Thanks to Saurabh for pointing this out.

I wonder CG, how come you face such a problem? I don't come across session problems. Though, I always work on Firefox and moreover, the internet speed shall be blamed for this. I use HDFC payment gateway and its fast!
JC, you were using HDFC payment gateway. I used ICICI netbanking. That's where the problem was.
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