Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running goal: Delhi half-marathon under two hours

Almost immediately after the Mumbai marathon in January, running lay abandoned. It had become too difficult to go out running, and thanks to lack of any exercise, the paunch has come back to its glorious heights.

Well, time to pick up the running shoes again, 'cause its just three and a half months left to the Delhi half-marathon, which, apparently will be held on 1st of November (info thanks to Tanvir Kazmi, who's been doing awesome work on promoting running online). So what's the target? As the title says, under two hours. Given that I ran my first ever half-marathon this year itself, and that too just under two and a half hours, its a nearly impossible task. But I will give it my best shot -- atleast I should be able to shed some pounds. By the way, I did get around to running a couple of times a few days back, but have relapsed into laziness since then. Hopefully, this post will give me some impetus to start again.

After the Delhi half-marathon, I'll be running the half in Mumbai again next year (registrations for the Mumbai marathon are already open, btw, and the places fill out very quick; so if you are planning to run, register now!). This year was great fun, hopefully next year will be too.

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Indeed a splendid idea to run. I was part of Delhi Half Marathon myself 2 years back and it was fun. Though I didn't ran because I was part of the sponsors and had hectic job to handle but I am sure everyone who ran had really gala time. I am sure you will also be able to practice and achive the desired time. Best of Luck and see you there
Hey, no goal is tough with a plan. Get a good training plan (several on my blog), and try to follow it closely. I am sure there is enough time to Nov 1st to nail that elusive sub-2! All the best!
@Ravi, yeah I had a great time at Mumbai marathon.. am sure it will be great at Delhi too. Thanks for the wishes. Maybe you should run sometime too :)

@Tanvir, thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, I plan to start following a plan too ;) I am not so sure about the sub-2 now, though -- have put on a lot of weight in the recent weeks :( Still, sub-2 remains the target. Also hope to meet you and other Delhi runners sometime soon (am a lurker on the delhi-runners list).
2:19, thats great! Whats next, planning to do another run soon? How about Gurgaon on Dec 6th?
Tanvir, yeah I was quite happy with the result, even though it was far from the original goal of sub-2 hours.

Next up is Mumbai marathon in Jan -- will be running in the 21K race there too. Will also be running in Gurgaon on Dec 6, though yet to decide whether to run in the 10K or the 21K race.
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