Thursday, January 26, 2006

Desicritics - The sinister cabal of (superior)Indian bloggers

Ever heard of blogcritics? Thats the "sinister cabal of superior bloggers", a collaborative blogging site for bloggers around the world. Now there's one exclusively for desi bloggers - desicritics. Kudos to the blogcritics team, especially Aaman Lamba, for setting up desicritics.

Even better, I have been invited by the desicritics team to write for them. At first, I was sceptical when I read Aaman's invitation, partly because I had never heard of blogcritics before, and partly because I didn't think anyone would invite me so early to write for them. Anyway, as it turns out, blogcritics does have some really first rate articles out there. And Aaman assured me that I really was invited based on the quality of my articles. Yippee!

26th Jan is set to be the date for desicritics launch - should be launched any moment now. Here's hoping for the best of articles on desicritics - Go DC Go!

thanks so much for visiting GOL GAPPA sir.. I am Deepak Gauri.. in the second year.. and an admirer of your blog now! So shri chandra was right!
another thing that shri chandra wanted to communicate was.. that we should all come together and blog.. and that could include you, me, shri chandra and other people wo would be willing to join us.. what say sir..
But of course, Shri Chandra is always right. Checked out your other blogs...nice to see another Thaparian@blogging.
if you're online sir.. give me your yahoo id.. so that we could have a word
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