Sunday, October 05, 2008

New beginnings

After two incredible years, my adventure in Mumbai has finally ended. Tuesday, September 30th, was my last day of work at Cleartrip.

Am relaxing back at home now, but things are in a pretty fluxy(!!) state at this point of time. Apart from a few things (like continuity of CL hacking), almost everything changes now — city, work (of which there is none), laptop (no Mac to show off now), routine (fitness mania, don't forget the half-marathon), khaana (ghar kaa!), kharcha, et al.

Coming days should clear some air on where I am headed towards in the very short term. It will be interesting to see how things shape up...


Hey CG, I never knew the Cleartrip guys will sack you for being procrastinator! I praise them for their patience during past two years ;)

Whats up, next? Keep posted! All the Best, bro. I know you must have been cooking something in your mind, all these times regarding your current state. :) Dirty Mind!
hello Kukkad :-)

its really one of the best ways to keep others updated bout urself, even if no ones really cares for what shit u doing :) ...

Jokes apart, so how u doin ??? and what next now ??

tke cre!!
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