Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dispatches -- Terror in Mumbai (must watch)

See the video here.

The story of 26/11 is told in the words of the victims and the terrorists (contains footage of police interviewing Kasab and terrorists' conversations over the phone). Apparently this was shown for the first time only a few weeks ago, on British TV -- Channel 4. I think everyone of us needs to see it.

Somehow, the fact that the terrorists (and their handlers) spoke the same languages as we do made it all the more scary. They were not just words anymore - they were talking about killing people, as if it was just another day job. You realized how well the controllers had brainwashed the gunmen.

I jumped up after I heard the gunshots from Nariman house (when the controller got annoyed with his gunman for hesitating to kill the hostages). That bastard held the line -- he wanted to hear the gunshots that would kill the hostages -- those terrorists were effectively being remote controlled from Pakistan.

Just like any poor young boy would be, one terrorist was in awe of his surroundings at the Taj. He hesitated from setting the hotel on fire -- but he had no problems killing those innocent people.

So sad, and infuriating.

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