Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Long Run: 14 km, 1 hour 44 minutes

"Well, humour me."

Maybe that's what I would have said six months ago.

For me, the hardest part of these long runs is not the pounding that the legs get (my runs are quite slow); rather, its the extreme patience with which the mind is tested. When you are running circles around a 400 metre track1, the mind gets exhausted just waiting for... the run to finish!

So of course I try all sorts of tricks to keep it busy (e.g. conjure up my greatest fantasies and see them waiting at the finish). I guess listening to music would also help, though I have been too lazy to get my iPod fixed (as usual). But whatever, with each passing week, that dream of crossing the finish line in Mumbai this January comes ever closer to reality. Guess I should be booking my ticket soon...

1 A run of 14 km means 35 laps around a 400m track. Such boredom. Fellow Jalandharis, any interesting places you can suggest to me for running? I do it at the Guru Gobind Singh stadium right now.

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Dont kno whether any jaladhri will reply on this.... but what i can suggest is .... u can go on the Jaladhar- Hoshiarpur road... run till Adampur... tht will b almost 14 Kms... and take bus while comin back from there :P .... in this fashion u ll not feel sick of running on a track... moreover lushgreen surroundings ll b there on ur side :)... njoy :)
Thanks for the suggestion dude. I have been looking at doing a Jalandhar-Phagwara run sometime later in the year.

Right now, thoroughly enjoying my runs in the biting cold of the Kullu valley... :)
gr8 :) ...wat u doin at kullu ?
on vacation kya ? ... cool..well am here only in B'lore. its right said ki koi agar bangalore aata hai to waapis nahin aata.... yahein ka ho kar reha jata hai .... well am tryin to falsify(:P) this statement ... aur sunao ? wats new at ur end ?
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